(ENG) The longing for love is the longing for to be seen, to be embraced as a being that is such as it is.

  •  18.10.2023 09:11

(DE) Wenn die Seele ihre Instrumente der Manifestation verliert

  •  14.01.2023 15:02

(DEU & ENG) Wise people dedicate their lives for both TRUTH and FREEDOM. But what comes first?

  •  21.09.2022 11:51

(DEU & ENG) He:She who is idle cannot be a true yogi. And if you work too much, you can't be a real yogi either. Is it about the right measure or the right attitude?

  •  27.05.2022 10:42

(ENG & DEU & HRV) How to open spaces in the heart that lie beyond all words and beyond all thoughts, how to immerge in unknown (and indescribable) dimensions of love and consciousness ...

  •  17.04.2021 11:07

(ENG & DEU) What kept “holy couples” together and what inspired us through their example through the centuries?

  •  16.03.2021 12:21

(ENG & HRV) On the spiritual path, cosmetic surgeries on our ego are not enough. True spiritual transformation means that the larva becomes a butterfly - and that is a completely different form of existence. The readiness for such an essential transformation develops slowly.

  •  28.02.2021 13:26

Verliebte erinnern in ihren hochverliebten Phasen an erleuchtete Yogis...

  •  16.02.2021 13:00

Ako ne gledate prema unutra, onda se dogodi da o sebi razmišljate kao o nekome pametnom. Ali u stvarnosti je upravo suprotno: vi ne znate ništa i nemate apsolutno nikakav uvid.

  •  16.02.2021 12:47

I have been the prototype of a modern EGO – running through life: in work, in love, in spirituality: reality had to be shaped to a better reality...

  •  06.02.2021 00:00