My name is Dea Konstanza. I am a Yogini for a Better World.
On this blog I share reflections and meditations that support and inspire my (and hopefully also the reader's) effort to become a being of love and wisdom. This transformation is my deepest concern, because I am convinced that only love and wisdom have the answer to the pressing questions of human existence on our planet.
I am in love with the wisdom of big "Hearts" and "Brains", as found in some philosophers, but especially in the Wise, Enlightened and Gurus or Mystics of various spiritual systems from East and West.
There is no true, sublime love without sublime wisdom - and no true wisdom without love. Therefore my blog is called "love AND wisdom".

Basic dates about my life:
- 1964 year of birth
- 1986 becoming the spiritual disciple of Guru Makaja
- 1995 becoming mother of daughter Maja Ramba
- 1998 finishing the basic spiritual schooling of KOMAJA, Guru Makajas Tantric Kundalini Yoga system with the diploma KOMAJA MEDITATION TEACHER
- 1999 inaugurated as high priestess of KOMAJAS CHURCH OF LOVE
- 2001 confirmed as the fourth guru of the Komaja community
- 2010 confirmed as one of three internal tantric teachers of the Komaja community

(1990: Master in political science and slavic literature at the University of Constance)
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