Through all our little joys and our little ecstasies we only try to achieve the highest possible joy and ecstasy.

  •  26.05.2023 08:56

(ENG & HRV) Only the training of the fourfold impeccability - good thoughts, good feelings, good words and good deeds - can satisfy the soul's longing for abundance

  •  15.11.2022 14:40

(DEU & HRV) We choose our destiny with our alignment. On what am I focused when thinking on my husband, my wife, my children, my guru?

  •  31.01.2022 10:35

(ENG & HRV) Instead of developing physical, mental and social disorders, we can strive for the development of the causal body, the body of principles, of love, truth, justice, compassion, impeccability, lucidity ...

  •  04.03.2021 10:21

(ENG & DEU) Falling in Love was - and always will be - a little window that God has left open so that really everyone of his beings can look at least a little, at least sometimes, into his divine paradise. That is why Falling in Love is sacred.

  •  03.03.2021 10:51

(ENG & HRV) The fundamental energy of life, the Absolute of philosophers, prana, ki, qi, the Holy Spirit, the Kundalini Shakti, the Tumo fire of the Tibetans – the same life, the same essential life is through all of us. Accept your fire and it will be fine!

  •  26.02.2021 09:27

(ENG & HRV) All I have to do is calm down - and such a wonderful force appears in my chest, such a feeling of fulfillment...

  •  23.02.2021 11:49

What Tesla and Edison made with electricity, Makaja made with human sexuality.

  •  17.02.2021 21:39

(HRV, DEU & ENG) The principle of any healthy meditation consists in transforming the energies of the lower nature into the energies of the higher nature.

  •  17.02.2021 21:17

(ENG & DEU) If you create clarity in your mental area, if you bring your personal vision into harmony with the laws of nature, which ultimately means with God's law, then you will burn with desire in every meditation.

  •  09.02.2021 18:17