17 Feb

The focus of my life, my work and my research is how to get spiritual human being, how to get human being full of bliss, full of Ananda, full of ecstasy.

The power of gravitation was always present. The electricity in the nature was always present. But, Newton perceived, Tesla and Edison perceived! They gave formulas and they created reservoirs, they made dams, they made generators how to get control over the electricity in the nature, how to use the electricity for the human benefit, for a better human life and for the development of the human beings that they have enough time to make philosophical and spiritual reflections, introspection and meditation. So they give us big opportunities with their formulas: They created mashines for systematically using electricity in the nature. This marked a point of inflection in human history.

What Tesla and Edison made with electricity, I made with human sexuality: I perceived the formulas and created the “machines” resp. methods how you can use, how you can get benefit from your sexual drive, how you can develop from sexual suffering being and sexual dependent being in a psychic being with the focus of your life forces on the heart chakra. You can still enjoy your physical and sexual body, come together in the same way like before, but the focus has changed. The focus of your daily life as also sexual life is no more at the level of the sex chakra, of the sexual organs, the level is on the heart chakra. You become through this method a psychic being, no more physical-sexual being which is a much higher level of evolution.

And for the people who are enough diligent in this practice and more surrendered – they can develop even spiritual beings. So, you can get even more developed generators for the transformation of sexual energy in pure mental and spiritual energy at the level of the human brain, at the level of ajna chakra.

That is the potential of the first part of the Komaja Meditation which is the fundament of my spiritual-tantric system. If you diligently use it every day through the years, your whole system – physiology, nervous system, psychic-energetic system – all will be changed. And that brings about the transformation of the individual, the marriage, the community and also of the society.

Excerpt of Makaja´s speech on occasion of the celebration “35 years of Komaja Community”, Lake of Lucerne, October 2013


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