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(ENG) The longing for love is the longing for to be seen, to be embraced as a being that is such as it is.

  •  18.10.2023 09:11

(DE) Wenn die Seele ihre Instrumente der Manifestation verliert

  •  14.01.2023 15:02

(DEU & ENG) Wise people dedicate their lives for both TRUTH and FREEDOM. But what comes first?

  •  21.09.2022 11:51

(DEU & ENG) He:She who is idle cannot be a true yogi. And if you work too much, you can't be a real yogi either. Is it about the right measure or the right attitude?

  •  27.05.2022 10:42

(ENG & DEU & HRV) How to open spaces in the heart that lie beyond all words and beyond all thoughts, how to immerge in unknown (and indescribable) dimensions of love and consciousness ...

  •  17.04.2021 11:07

(ENG & DEU) What kept “holy couples” together and what inspired us through their example through the centuries?

  •  16.03.2021 12:21

(ENG & HRV) On the spiritual path, cosmetic surgeries on our ego are not enough. True spiritual transformation means that the larva becomes a butterfly - and that is a completely different form of existence. The readiness for such an essential transformation develops slowly.

  •  28.02.2021 13:26

Through all our little joys and our little ecstasies we only try to achieve the highest possible joy and ecstasy.

  •  26.05.2023 08:56

(ENG & HRV) Only the training of the fourfold impeccability - good thoughts, good feelings, good words and good deeds - can satisfy the soul's longing for abundance

  •  15.11.2022 14:40

(DEU & HRV) We choose our destiny with our alignment. On what am I focused when thinking on my husband, my wife, my children, my guru?

  •  31.01.2022 10:35

(ENG & HRV) Instead of developing physical, mental and social disorders, we can strive for the development of the causal body, the body of principles, of love, truth, justice, compassion, impeccability, lucidity ...

  •  04.03.2021 10:21

(ENG & DEU) Falling in Love was - and always will be - a little window that God has left open so that really everyone of his beings can look at least a little, at least sometimes, into his divine paradise. That is why Falling in Love is sacred.

  •  03.03.2021 10:51

(ENG & HRV) The fundamental energy of life, the Absolute of philosophers, prana, ki, qi, the Holy Spirit, the Kundalini Shakti, the Tumo fire of the Tibetans – the same life, the same essential life is through all of us. Accept your fire and it will be fine!

  •  26.02.2021 09:27

(ENG & HRV) All I have to do is calm down - and such a wonderful force appears in my chest, such a feeling of fulfillment...

  •  23.02.2021 11:49

(DEU & ENG) Only closeness in the heart can overcome the feelings of distance, separation and loneliness.

  •  06.01.2024 17:24

When our spiritual endeavors are unsuccessful, or when we keep stumbling across the same obstacles, it is time to change our attitude and method.

  •  03.03.2021 11:02

Sve brige, sve strahove, sva prebacivanja, čine, da naš život stagnira: voda koja bi trebala ulaziti i izlaziti, kako bi bila od koristi i drugima, stagnira. Jer vrtlog, koji oko sebe gradi branu i koji se tako odvaja od rijeke, postane voda koja stoji i tako gubi svoju životnu snagu.

  •  13.02.2021 16:34

(ENG & DEU) Whom you call into your soul and body, into your brain, into your everyday life - he will be with you.

  •  30.09.2017 00:00

(ENG & DEU) Patience is the strength and wideness of the soul to peacefully endure life as it is. It brings us into the moment where the power of realisation lies.

  •  26.02.2021 09:44

(DEU & ENG) There is a widespread belief that our feelings, which appear "out of nowhere", do so because there is a reason for them: they are, so to speak, provoked by people´s behaviour. Is that really the case?

  •  02.02.2021 00:00

(ENG & DEU & HRV) To stimulate changes in the consciousness of his students, humour is one of Guru Makaja's favoured methods. A little taster… :)

  •  29.11.2020 11:29

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My name is Dea Konstanza. I am a Yogini for a Better World.
On this blog I share reflections and meditations that support and inspire my (and hopefully also the reader's) effort to become a being of love and wisdom. This transformation is my deepest concern, because I am convinced that only love and wisdom have the answer to the pressing questions of human existence on our planet.
I am in love with the wisdom of big "Hearts" and "Brains", as found in some philosophers, but especially in the Wise, Enlightened and Gurus or Mystics of various spiritual systems from East and West.
There is no true, sublime love without sublime wisdom - and no true wisdom without love. Therefore my blog is called "love AND wisdom".

Basic dates about my life:
- 1964 year of birth
- 1986 becoming the spiritual disciple of Guru Makaja
- 1995 becoming mother of daughter Maja Ramba
- 1998 finishing the basic spiritual schooling of KOMAJA, Guru Makajas Tantric Kundalini Yoga system with the diploma KOMAJA MEDITATION TEACHER
- 1999 inaugurated as high priestess of KOMAJAS CHURCH OF LOVE
- 2001 confirmed as the fourth guru of the Komaja community
- 2010 confirmed as one of three internal tantric teachers of the Komaja community

(1990: Master in political science and slavic literature at the University of Constance)
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