03 Mar

I would like to share some experience or method which can be really a blessing – especially in problematic situations of life – problematic out of any reason: may it be a conflict within us or with our surrounding, or loss of inspiration, emptiness, too much materialism in our soul etc, etc… 

It is about Asking for Help the Divine wisdom within us. 

My common attitude in life is pretty different than “Asking for Help”. It is: catch the situation or problem, analyse it, find means or methods to solve it and then be active, DO!

This attitude is very good, I can recommend it. I would say in 70% of daily life situations and also “situations of self-development” this attitude is very productive. Of course, it needs VIVEKA (distinctiveness, deu: Unterscheidungskraft, hrv: razlucivanje) and it needs discipline: especially endurance (Ausdauer, postojanost) and regularity (Regelmässigkeit, redovitost).

But sometimes, often in very crucial moments of life and often with very persistent (hartnäckig) unwanted energies in us – it doesn´t function.

We are working hard and hard and there are only little steps in the fighting against our vices – or better: for our virtues. For years we “speak too much” or “do not have enough love” or “manipulate” or “are lazy” or “are not clear with ourselves and our partner” or “have lost the inspiration for self-development” or whatever. In some cases, these dark energies are even so persistent that they affect our physiology: we get physical problems, problems with our health.

So, if you recognize yourself in my words, try a new attitude: Ask for Help the Divine wisdom within you!

Asking for HELP – what does this mean? This means to admit that I am helpless, I admit that I cannot solve the knots inside, that I cannot come out. Who is this “I”? This “I” is our EGO.

The EGO is exactly the one who often causes the problem, the emptiness in life, the tension, discontent, depression. Or even if he didn´t cause it – he (the EGO) anyway cannot solve it.

So, when I ask for help, I admit that I cannot get ahead, that I am at my wit´s end (dass ich mit meinem Latein am Ende bin; da nemogu vise dalje). The EGO capitulates (das EGO kapituliert, EGO kapitulira).

When little children as for help their mother or their father: they are totally open and full of confidence: My mother knows, my father knows – they will show me, do it for me. Children have no idea of how the thing should go: they just look with open eyes, with open soul and the knowledge and skills of the mother passes over smoothly to the child.

In the same way, we should Ask for Help the Divine wisdom within us. We become modest (bescheiden, skromni)

I don´t know, but you God through me, you know! 

You, Goddess, through me, you know!

Actually, this method we find nearly in all religions, but mostly it is externalised: the believer asks for help God or his beloved Saint – he/she asks someone who is OUTSIDE, far away, which is ontologically or fundamentally different than he/she herself. The catholic and also Hindu religion have a whole assortment of Helpers for any possible situations – these are their saints:

Saint Christopherus for protection while travelling.
Saint Antonius helps to find things which are lost.
Saint Vitus we ask for help when it is storm.
Saint Judas helps in desperate situations.
Saint Anna helps when we have problems with our children.
One has only to call the saints and can be sure of heavenly help.
In any case Maria helps. It has the best access to Christ in heaven. In many places of pilgrimage there are tablets with the inscription "Maria has helped".
In Tibetan Buddhism, this role has TARA.

But it is not about Asking for help someone OUTSIDE, but to ask for help the Divine power of wisdom within us.

Actually, all these saints are symbols of spiritual, divine powers within us. And of course, their pictures can help us, to connect easier:

When looking at a picture of holy Maria, I can easier connect with the Divine Love and Mercy within me. 

When I look at a picture of TARA, I can easier connect with the six Paramitas or liberating wonderful qualities of the Tara: generosity, patience, righteousness, willingness and diligence, goodness and gentleness, wisdom.

So, besides being an active Tantric Yogin and Yogini, that means diligently and disciplined DOING for one´s development and for the WELLBEING of all sentient beings, we can also ask for help the Divine wisdom within us: 

We stand still, open ourselves, surrender ourselves and the Divine Light Within us UNFOLDES ...

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