26 May

In all the important and well known religions and philosophies God is the Supreme Consciousness, unmanifested, perfect in every way. He is the source of all qualities and all manifestations. The Supreme Consciousness also manifests itself, which happens with the help of the Supreme Spirit or the Divine Shakti. In that sense, all the minerals, plants, animals and humans are the Divine Shakti in their essence. Everything that is manifested at any level of the universe only comes through Shakti, only through the Holy Spirit or the Supreme Spirit.

In that sense, everything we humans need is already in the Holy Spirit. Everything we need, everything we love, everything we yearn for and seek, everything we hope for is essentially the Supreme Spirit, the spirit of Supreme Life and Consciousness. We may say that even uneducated people, people without religion, people without any spiritual aspirations, even the most hardened materialists are followers, worshippers of the Divine Shakti because she is the essence of all manifestations, all pleasures, all ecstasies, and all beauty. We, spiritual aspirants on the path of kundalini yoga and tantric kundalini yoga are also followers of the Divine Shakti or the Supreme Spirit. The only differences between us and them are the level of education and the level of conscious perception of what is really going on.

We are all followers of divine life. Through all our little joys and our little ecstasies we only try to achieve the highest possible joy and ecstasy. All the people in various religions and spiritual systems, even materialists, are the same in that sense – they are passionate followers of divine life and spirit.

We people are all the same, we all want and need the same, and, with anxiety and hope, we choose various paths to achieve it. Komaja is one of those paths.

Love for love, love for life, love for the spirit, love for the body and for the sexual body are manifestations of the Supreme Spirit. Love is a manifestation of the same Supreme Consciousness, even for highly unconscious beings. The entire life is only the life of Shakti, all suffering and all joyful pleasure is only Shakti and all of that is only because of Shakti. All spiritual training and education are aimed towards the Spirit or Shakti never being forgotten, from morning until evening, even in the tiniest moment.

Do not forget that which you are in reality and what kind of life you really want to live, what kind of behaviour you want towards yourselves and towards others! Do not forget your higher nature between morning and evening!

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