18 Oct

The longing for love is the longing for to be seen, to be embraced as a being that is such as it is. I am going through a dry period. Although I have many really good friends – I feel that I am thirsty for authentic encounters from soul to soul. 

One could say that I am unsatiable because few people have so many as good friends as I have… So is it greed that burdens my soul? The greed for more, better, greater…? 

Nowadays, the love-scenes in romantic movies are perfectly made: the love between the partners, the attraction, the devotion – it is shown so real that it is nearly tangible, that it transfers onto the observer. Not in every movie, but in many. I remember one actress saying about her lover: “He is the only one who really sees me!” Obviously that this is one of the reasons, why we are longing so much for a partner or a friend: We want to be seen, to be embraced as a being that is such as it is. A lover or a friend: he or she wants us, needs us – all our qualities, virtues, characteristics, nice and not so nice 😉 It is like a confirmation, that our life has a sense, that it is worthy, that we make things good. 

We came on earth to manifest ourselves: to develop and to share our lives. Sharing ones live with someone who “sees us” is crucial for happiness. My favourite poet Taigu Ryokan has been a hermit. He lived alone in his hut in the mountains. Once he wrote: 

In this world
If there was someone
With kindred spirit -
We could chat all night long,
In my little hut.

In dieser Welt
Gäbe es jemanden
Mit verwandtem Geist -
Wir könnten plaudern,
die ganze Nacht hindurch,
In meiner kleinen Hütte. 

But would he have created such beautiful poems if his wish would be fulfilled?

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